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SIC Ceramic Reticulated Foam Filter Dark Grey Colour For Metal Foundry Industry

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Qingdao
Brand Name: LaurelCFF
Model Number: CFF01
Minimum Order Quantity: one cube
Packaging Details: carton box and pallets
Material: SiC Powder,alumina Powder,zirconia Powder Application: Foundry Industry
Adsorption Rate: 90-100% Density: 0.4-0.5g/cm3
High Light:

reticulated foam filter


metal foam filter

                                                    User manual for foam ceramic filter


Product Introduction

Foam ceramics filter with Germany imported polyurethane foam sponge as the carrier, filled with the silicon carbide,alumina cement,additives powder mix into a paste, then squeeze out slurry, and after drying, roasting sintered at high temperature, polyurethane thermal decomposition, the remaining coating what around the fiber pulp will leave the foam ceramics, it is the foam ceramic filter.

Foam ceramic filter have the three-dimensional structure of sponge can make the liquid metal reflect rectifying mechanical sieving filter cake filtration mechanism such as adsorption to effectively improve the purity of liquid metal, reduce rejection rate lower machining consumption so as to improve production efficiency to reduce the production cost

Product Feature

Foam ceramic filter can be applied to any cast iron, cast copper and aluminum alloy casting filtration and purification, effective removal of metal liquid in the bulk of the inclusions, the adsorption of small impurities, reducing gas and harmful elements in the metal liquid, improve the metal matrix organization, improve the mechanical properties of the casting.

  1. Reduce the defect rate of impurities:The inclusion defect reduced by more than 50%.
  2. Improve casting performance:Increased tool life by more than 30%.
  3. Improve casting mechanical properties:Mechanical improvement over 10
  4. Improve casting process production rate:Process production rate increased by more than 10


Composition of product Sic,Al2o3,Sio2 ans so on
Colour Dark grey
Service temperature ≤ 1550 c
PPI ppi
Porosity 85%-90%
Compression strength ≥1.5Mpa
Bulk density 0.4-0.5 g/cm3


Aperture and Size selection of foam ceramic filter

When using rare earth foam ceramic filter, according to the number of inclusions in the quality needs of the casting and metal liquid to determine the filter pore size (inches product number of holes, PPI) filter aperture is divided into 10 PPI, 15 PPI and 20ppi, 25 PPI and 30 PPI specification products. Ductile iron castings for general use 10 PPI or 15 PPI specifications products, grey iron, copper casting.

General use 10 PPI, 15 PPI or 20 PPI specifications of products, aluminum alloy castings generally use 20 PPI, 25 PP or 30ppi specifications of the product. Rare earth foam ceramic filter thickness, the filter's strength is better, but its use cost is also higher. From the most appropriate intensity and filtration efficiency considerations, the general recommendation is as follows: 75-120mm, thickness 22 ~ 25mm, 25 ~ 30mm, 120 ~ >150mm, 25~30mm, 150mm, 30 ~ 40mm.

2.Size selection of rare earth foam ceramic filter

The size of the rare earth foam ceramic filter with the type and size of the casting two aspects to determine. Rare earth foam ceramic filter unit cross-sectional area of the maximum liquid metal filtration should generally be controlled within the scope of the following: nodular cast iron is equal to or less than 2kg / C square meters; gray cast iron, copper and aluminum alloy cast piece is less than or equal to 4kg/c square meters. The conventional rare earth foam ceramic filter filter size amount as shown in the following table


Square Size(mm) Max filter capacity (kg) Liquid metal velocity(kg/s) Circle Size(mm) Max filter capacity (kg) Liquid metal velocity(kg/s)
40*40*22 32 64 3 4 Φ40*22 25 50 2 3.5
50*50*22 50 100 4 6 Φ50*22 35 70 3 4.5
60*60*22 72 144 5 8 Φ60*22 50 100 4.2 6.5
75*50*22 75 150 6 9 Φ70*22 75 150 5.5 8.8
100*50*22 100 200 8 12 Φ80*22 100 200 7.2 11
75*75*22 110 220 9 14 Φ90*22 120 240 9 14
80*80*22 150 300 12 18 Φ100*22 140 280 11 17
100*100*22 200 400 16 24 Φ110*22 190 380 13 20
150*100*22 300 600 24 36 Φ120*22 230 460 16 25
150*150*22 450 900 36 54 Φ150*22 350 700 25 30

A: Ductile iron

B: Ash iron,Copper aluminum casting


Application method and Riding position

Foam ceramic filter can be placed in all parts of the pouring system, according to the characteristics of the parts and production conditions to choose, as close as possible to achieve the best filter effect:

(1).Placed in the shell type gate Cup: in shell type gate cup reserved filter and Taiwan, after the mold shell roasting baked, the rare earth foam ceramic filter is placed in the gate location, or before pouring the same type filter shell with preheating, helpful to the liquid metal started by, use the better. In order to make the filter easily placed and need to design filter base, namely in the shell placed filter and filter the outer edge of the best 2 mm clearance, bearing surface to allow greater than 5mm width of the base.

(2).Put the rare earth foam ceramic filter in the special ceramic material of the gate cup, in the process of the shell, the gate cup to the casting, casting the filter in the pouring cup,

(3).Put the rare earth foam ceramic filter in the gating system, will advance with filter gating system shell is made, in the tube shell on the corresponding position is reserved openings to facilitate filter on the installation seat. Shell making stage on the seat, water glass or silica sol seal, post drying and curing can pouring experiment.

In addition, the pouring temperature of metal liquid can be controlled at the upper limit of the process, and the pouring speed should reach the maximum as soon as possible to avoid the cold insulation, casting defects and so on.


(1) as far as possible to avoid the direct impact of metal liquid foam ceramic filter, the direct impact of rare earth foam ceramic filter, pouring height should not exceed 320mm.

(2) handling and transportation to prevent and avoid product by extrusion and collision.

(3) stored in dry and ventilated place, prohibited products by rain and stress.

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