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Silicon Carbide Ceramic Foam Filter , Metal Foam Filter For Metal Filtration Industry

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Qingdao
Brand Name: LaurelCFF
Model Number: CFF18061103
Minimum Order Quantity: one cube
Packaging Details: carton box and pallets
Payment Terms: D/P, L/C, T/T
Material: SiC Powder,alumina Powder,zirconia Powder Application: Foundry Industry
Adsorption Rate: 90-100% Density: 0.4-0.5g/cm3
High Light:

reticulated foam filter


metal foam filter

                                                    User manual for foam ceramic filter

         Hot Sales Silicon Carbide SIC Ceramic Foam filter for Metal Filtration Industry



Ceramic foam filter is a kind of effective molten metal filter. It is three dimensional connected mesh structure and high porosity has many advantages, for example, large surface area of slags collection, large inner surface area of filtering, small flow resistance, good filtering effect, etc.


Function of Ceramic Foam Filter

* Decontaminate the molten metal liquid

* Simplified gating system

* Improve the metallurgical structure of the castings

* Reduce slag inclusions of the castings

* Increase the casting quality rate

* Reduce casting internal re-oxidation defects

* Reduce the surface defects after machining of the castings

Specifications for Alumina Foam Filter

Dimensions(mm) Dimensions(inch) Pouring Rate(kg/s) Filtration Capacity(ton)
178×178×50 7×7×2 0.2-0.6 5
228×228×50 9×9×2 0.3-1.0 10
305×1305×50 12×12×2 0.8-2.5 15
381×381×50 15×15×2 2.2-4.5 25
430×430×50 17×17×2 3.0-5.5 35
508×508×50 20×20×2 4.0-6.5 45
585×585×50 23×23×2 5.0-8.6




Application method and Riding position

Foam ceramic filter can be placed in all parts of the pouring system, according to the characteristics of the parts and production conditions to choose, as close as possible to achieve the best filter effect:

(1).Placed in the shell type gate Cup: in shell type gate cup reserved filter and Taiwan, after the mold shell roasting baked, the rare earth foam ceramic filter is placed in the gate location, or before pouring the same type filter shell with preheating, helpful to the liquid metal started by, use the better. In order to make the filter easily placed and need to design filter base, namely in the shell placed filter and filter the outer edge of the best 2 mm clearance, bearing surface to allow greater than 5mm width of the base.

(2).Put the rare earth foam ceramic filter in the special ceramic material of the gate cup, in the process of the shell, the gate cup to the casting, casting the filter in the pouring cup,

(3).Put the rare earth foam ceramic filter in the gating system, will advance with filter gating system shell is made, in the tube shell on the corresponding position is reserved openings to facilitate filter on the installation seat. Shell making stage on the seat, water glass or silica sol seal, post drying and curing can pouring experiment.

In addition, the pouring temperature of metal liquid can be controlled at the upper limit of the process, and the pouring speed should reach the maximum as soon as possible to avoid the cold insulation, casting defects and so on.


(1) as far as possible to avoid the direct impact of metal liquid foam ceramic filter, the direct impact of rare earth foam ceramic filter, pouring height should not exceed 320mm.

(2) handling and transportation to prevent and avoid product by extrusion and collision.

(3) stored in dry and ventilated place, prohibited products by rain and stress.

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